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Grand Makkah Hotel provides direct views to Cemetery Al-Mu’allah and Jabal e noor (Hira Cave), within a 10-minute walk to Holy Haram Mosque – making it an ideal location for performing Umrah. These hotel services include our Guest Center and Hotline which provide faster responses for questions or issues our guests might encounter, along with Guest Services which include Guest Parking services and Guest Centre visits for faster response to any of your inquiries or needs.

Each room at this hotel is air conditioned and fitted with an LED screen TV featuring satellite channels. They offer a mini-fridge refreshment center featuring premium food and beverage products, tea and coffee facilities in each room, and tea and coffee services on each floor. Each bathroom also comes equipped with bathrobes, slippers, hair dryers, and luxurious amenities to provide maximum relaxation during their stay.

There is a 24-hour front desk, a Manasek desk to assist with religious inquiries, and a dedicated guest service center available during your stay. Furthermore, guests can relax while watching sports at Zamzam Cafe. The hotel offers a fully equipped business center and fitness center; shops are also located on the ground floor.

Facilities provided by Grand Makkah Hotel

  • Wake up every morning to majestic views over the Holy Haram.
  • Unwind in our public areas located on both lobby and mezzanine floors that feature lounges as well as food and beverage outlets covering an area of over 550 sq meters.
  • 24 direct elevators provide easy access from our piazza and reception desk to each room,
  • as well as to restaurants and lounges
  • featuring a seating capacity of up to 2,094 guests at restaurants and cafes that serve a range of international and ethnic cuisines prepared by our multi-national catering team.
  • At Grand Makkah Hotel, our signature services have been tailored to ensure all guest needs are fulfilled
  • Grand Makkah Hotel offers comfortable accommodations to make your stay unforgettable.
  • Each of its 1,387 spacious guestrooms and suites comes equipped with a private bathroom and shower for maximum peace of mind during their stay.
  • Plus, for added convenience. All rooms and suites provide
  • Free Wireless Internet
  • Direct Dial Telephones
  • 40″ LED TVs featuring satellite channels
  • Mini Fridge
  • Tea and Coffee-Making Facilities
  • Air Conditioning with Individual Temperature Control
  • Safety Deposit Box

At the center of Islam’s holiest city home to millions of pilgrims visiting annually for Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages stands a beacon of luxury and serenity: Grand Makkah Hotel. Indulging travelers from around the globe seeking comfort and relaxation during their sacred pilgrimages lies at its core; nestled amid bustling streets surrounding Masjid al-Haram lies this internationally acclaimed hotel offering comfort and sophistication for any visitor to Makkah.

A Haven of Opulence |Grand Makkah Hotelinside view of grand makkah hotel

As soon as you step through the Grand Makkah Hotel lobby doors, an air of luxuriousness and refinement surrounds you. Decorated with complex Islamic motifs and magnificent marble floors, its lobby sets the scene for an unparalleled luxurious experience. Offering accommodations to meet varying traveler preferences such as expansive suites offering panoramic city views to cozy rooms designed for relaxation the hotel ensures every guest finds their ideal heaven.

A dynamic combination of Islamic aesthetics and contemporary design elements blend seamlessly, creating a captivating ambiance throughout the Grand Makkah Hotel. From fancy lights illuminating warm glows to plush furnishings beckoning relaxation, every detail exudes elegance and sophistication at Grand Makkah Hotel promising an experience marked by indulgence and tranquility during your stay here.

Unparalleled Hospitality |Grand Makkah Hotel

At the Grand Makkah Hotel, hospitality goes far beyond mere service becoming an integral component of guest satisfaction. From their arrival, guests are immersed in a culture of warmth and honesty encouraged by staff trained to anticipate and meet every guest need whether that means providing transportation to holy sites or providing member recommendations about local dining scenes; our manager desk stands ready to offer personalized assistance that enriches their journey with unforgettable moments of care and consideration.

Grand Makkah Hotel stands apart from other accommodations by creating unforgettable guest experiences, whether through thoughtful gestures or random acts of kindness. Their staff goes out of their way to ensure every element of the guest experience embodies genuine hospitality; this unwavering dedication to guest satisfaction sets it apart as more than simply a place to stay guests feel welcomed as part of an extended family where comfort and well-being take priority over everything else.

A Culinary Journey |Grand Makkah Hotel

Start your gastronomic adventure at the Grand Makkah Hotel, where a range of dining options await to delight your tastebuds. Experience Middle Eastern flavors as you sample traditional culinary treats from fragrant biryanis, succulent kebabs, and delectable baklavas to fragrant biryanis prepared with care and skill; the hotel also boasts world-class chefs that prepare international delicacies with the freshest ingredients and impeccable attention to detail.

As you dine among the cityscape’s picturesque backdrop, every meal becomes an unforgettable experience, blending exquisite flavors with jaw-dropping sights. Enjoying breakfast as the sun rises over the horizon or dining under the stars can become moments filled with culinary pleasure and discovery something that the Grand Makkah Hotel dining can truly become. Dining here becomes more than simply eating; rather it becomes an adventure of flavors and aromas that stay long after each bite is taken.

Spiritual Reflection |Grand Makkah Hotela muslim is offering prayer in makkah

The Grand Makkah Hotel stands apart from traditional accommodations by providing its guests with an opportunity for spiritual nourishment and contemplation. Situated near Masjid al-Haram, guests are granted easy access to one of Islam’s holiest sites allowing for prayers and rituals with unparalleled ease and convenience. Furthermore, guests have an oasis within this holy city of Makkah in which to immerse themselves into an atmosphere of devotion that pervades its daily life allowing for intimate spiritual reflection within an unparalleled location.

The Grand Makkah Hotel provides guests with the ideal environment for spiritual understanding. Beyond its lavish amenities and perfect service, this hotel fosters an environment beneficial to inner peace and self-discovery, inviting guests to deepen their relationship with faith and spirituality while engaging in worship or reflection; providing an immersive spiritual experience beyond only accommodation.

A Legacy of Excellence |Grand Makkah Hotel

The Grand Makkah Hotel stands as an epitome of unparalleled excellence that has endured for decades, becoming firmly established as the finest example of luxury hospitality in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. Over time, The Peninsula Hotel has earned a stellar reputation for offering luxurious accommodations and impeccable service, garnering international acclaim as a result.

No matter their religious motivations or journeys of Hajj or Umrah, or simply seeking respite from everyday stressors, the Grand Makkah Hotel provides an oasis of comfort and serenity unlike any other. Their unwavering commitment to giving guests an unparalleled experience marks them out as beacons of luxury in Makkah; inviting visitors to indulge in refined relaxation that transcends what would otherwise be ordinary experiences.


At first sight, guests will experience an atmosphere of sophistication and elegance which sets the scene for an extraordinary stay. Every aspect of the hotel demonstrates an unparalleled commitment to excellence that sets it apart from its peers in the industry. From its luxurious accommodations to its cutting-edge amenities, everything conveys this dedication.

No matter their chosen mode of relaxation be it relaxing by the pool, dining at one of Grand Makkah Hotel esteemed restaurants, or unwinding in their room they are immersed in an ambiance of luxurious indulgence that will ensure memories that will outlive them all. At Grand Makkah Hotel, pursuing perfection isn’t simply an aim it’s an approach that ensures each visitor leaves feeling rejuvenated, inspired, and eager to come back again and again.


Where is the Grand Makkah Hotel?

The 5-star Grand Makkah Hotel Mecca features 1387 rooms and is situated within 10 10-minute ride of Hira. Offering guests access to its on-site gym as well as business services, this accommodation lies approximately 105km from King Abdulaziz Airport near Masjid Al Haram Al Marwa Gate.

Does Grand Makkah Hotel have Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi connectivity is available throughout both public areas and all rooms at Grand Makkah Hotel, and guests may use its free car park with additional charges applied if additional parking spaces are needed. Featuring different room types to meet every traveler’s needs.

Where to stay in Makkah after Umrah?

After performing Umrah, consider staying at one of several hotels near Haram, such as Grand Makkah Hotel, Hilton Makkah Convention Hotel, or Swissotel Al Maqam Makkah these offer convenient access to Haram while offering comfortable accommodations for pilgrims.

How far is the Grand Makkah Hotel from Haram?

The distance between the Grand Makkah Hotel and Haram can differ depending on its exact location in Makkah; however, most hotels near it, including Grand Makkah Hotel, tend to be within walking distance or offer shuttle services for easy access within minutes of staying there.

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