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    Umrah package in September 2023, 7 nights at a 4-star hostel

    The keenest desire of every Muslim is to have a look at least once in their entire life. Almakkah travel agency provides the most cost-effective and luxurious September umrah packages. Make every moment with spiritual needs memorable. We remain updated with holy pilgrims’ needs and issues they face during their religious journey. To keep you easily approachable and comfortable, we have designed a cheap packaged plan that makes your journey successful and remarkable. Each package is made as cheaply as possible to comfort our devotees.

    Whoever goes there will be lost to the loved ones of Allah. That’s why we have arranged transportation for this purpose as well. With affordable September umrah packages in 2023 for seven nights at the four-star hotel, we are here to make your dream a reality.

    We are responsible for 

    We value your love and devotion to visiting a holy place to remove sorrows and clean your soul from the world’s dust. We know it is an Islamic duty, and no one wants to ignore any mistake. Almakkah Travel Agency is with you to solve all your umrah-related issues, whether accommodations, transportation, a visit visa card issue or any such issue. We plan each step clearly with guidance that lets you be free from distractions. So, put on the plane and let your worries go.

    You must be aware of the services before departing.

    • You can choose if you’re on the desired flight. However, we will confirm the most relevant and affordable flights then.
    • We provide you with a one-year visit visa.
    • Book your order with a minimum of 99 pounds per person.
    • Full-time transportation is available to serve you.
    • Four-star hotels in Makkah and Medina.
    • Guider and assistance at Jeddah airport and medina airport.
    • A drive of luxurious transport services provider with a good sense of English speaking during travel of Makkah and Medina.

    Your departure date is September 15, 2023

    And your return date is September 22, 2023

    Makkah hotel

    The Makkah hotel’s check-in date is September 16, 2023.

    And check out on September 19, 2023, at the Makkah hotel.

    Accommodation at the Al Massa Grand Hotel

    One room the size of a double room, with air conditioning, a kettle for making tea and coffee, and a flat-screen television. Majid al-Haram, Zamzam Wall, Mount Arafat, Jannatul Maula, Jabal an-Nour, Janal that, Masjid Nimra, the birthplace of the beloved holy prophet (PBUH), the National Library of Makkah, Al-Khaif Mosque, and Masjid Al-Haram King Abdul Aziz Gate are all nearby Ziyarat sites. The nearest Al Massa Grand Hotel airport is King Abdul Aziz International Airport, 99 kilometers away. The Al Massa Grand Hotel is located in Makkah, about 10 kilometers from Cave Hira and 5.7 kilometers from Makkah Museum. You will get parking facilities and 24-hour room service.

    Medina hotel

    Check-in date: September 19, 2023

    The check-out date is September 22, 2023.

    Four-star Saja Al Madina hotel

    Masjid an-Mabavi is only a 16-minute walk away, and Mohammad Bin Abdul Aziz International Airport is 19 kilometers away. A luxurious double room with AC, Wi-Fi, a mini fridge, a cupboard, coffee, and tea-making services, and an attractive balcony with a beautiful city view. This hotel contains four restaurants, a coffee shop, loungers, and a gym.

    Precious places to visit in Madina

    Masjid-e-Quba, Masjid-e-Nabawi, Riyaad-ul-Jannah, Masjid Abu Bakar, Masjid Jummah, Masjid Bilal, Masjid-e-Khandaq, Masjid Miqat Bir Ali, Jannat-ul- Baki, Masjid Qiblatain, and Wadi Jinn are just some.

    The total cost per adult is £1,199. Feel free to contact us for the most luxurious and cheapest flights.

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